Sen. Warren Heckled At Campaign Stop

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Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren was heckled at the beginning of her speech during a campaign stop in Lawrenceville, Georgia, over the weekend by a man yelling “why did you lie” and holding up a sign that read “1/2020,” referencing her exaggerated Native American ancestry claims, Mediaite reported.

“Be easy, be easy,” Warren said to the man as the crowd booed and chanted, “Warren!”

Eventually, the man was escorted out.

Following a DNA test she took to prove her ancestry, it was found Warren could be anywhere between 1/64th and 1/1,204th Native American.

Warren apologized after a State Bar of Texas registration card showing she identified as ‘American Indian’ on April 18, 1986, emerged, according to the Daily Mail.

Her identification as “American Indian” for the Bar exam came the same year she was recorded as a minority for the Association of American Law Schools, and she listed herself that way each year until 1995, when she started working at Harvard Law School.

Earlier this month Warren apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking the DNA test, Fox News reported.

Some tribal leaders were angered by the test, stating that being part of the Cherokee Nation is based on centuries of culture and laws, not through checking DNA.

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