Pollsters: Biden’s Lead in 2020 Race Uncertain

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Former Vice President Joe Biden delivers his speech during the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019. (Sven Hoppe/dpa via AP)

Former Vice President Joe Biden regularly tops the polls of potential Democratic candidates in 2020, but pollsters are unsure if this lead is due to popularity or name-recognition.

“These polls are today’s reality,” Democratic pollster John Anzalone told Politico. “And sometimes, today’s reality holds until tomorrow and all the way until next year. And other times, today’s reality changes. Primaries are like that.”

The Democratic firm Bold Blue Campaigns recently carried out a national poll of the potential Democratic candidates for president in 2020 and gave the recipients the option of saying they are undecided, which became the most common response with 48 percent. Biden came in first, but with only 12 percent, just above California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris with 11 percent and Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won 9 percent.

Most polls show that “it’s a very open field,” said Steen Kirby, who works as a campaigns and data specialist for Bold Blue. “People are weighing their options. I think the reason that so many people are getting in is because this is a 1-to-15 percent spread, not a 1-to-30 percent spread. It’s very different from 2016, when Hillary Clinton was at 40 or 50 percent.”

Democratic pollster Margie Omero added that the different polls of 20202 Democratic candidates “still all tell the same story: that it’s a wide-open race. We should not be looking at these early polls as signs of what’s going to happen a year from now.”

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